Hi, I'm Elaitea and welcome to Midnight Musings, a site where you'll find my dolls along with some bases and resources. If you find any bugs or language mistakes, please let me know. I hope you have a nice time and feel free to leave a message!
If you want (not always) slightly faster updates, you can check out my DeviantArt account. There's less content there though. I also have a blog where you can see my dolling WIPs and any sewing and/or embroidery projects I'm working on. It's currently inactive though


Happy New Year everyone! May 2018 be an awesome year for you all :) Last time I announced that I've opened a shop on Glam and I actually have managed to get shop orders? o_o I've uploaded two of them. I've put them in the Gifts and Requests page. I guess I'll have to split that page up some day, along with the My Characters one. But that won't be for today.

I'm on a roll! Two updates in less than a week's time :D Anyway, another new doll (and a naked one at that!) made for a challenge at Glam. I've also opened a shop at Glam, so I'll be forced to doll more regularly, that is if people actually order dolls XD

Happy holidays! I've got three weeks off from work, so I finally have time to work on some more dolls :) I'm still working on that base dump I last posted too. Anyway, two new dolls of my characters Talyone and Aelin.

No new dolls unfortunately, but I do have a slight base dump prepared for you here as proof that I did indeed make something :) They were mostly made to add to my personal stock, but others are free to use them in the odd case they want to. I will eventually add them to the base page, but have no time now and have more bases in the works anyways.

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