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About me

Hallo iedereen!
Hi y'all!

Welcome to my site, and more specifically its 'about page'. Since I'm not much of a lists person, I decided to write this little text. For those who prefer lists, you can find one below :) Also, that ugly pic on the side? That'd be me, wearing one of my usual expressions.


Anyway, my name is Sarina, though on the internet I'm more commonly known as Elaitea. I live in this tiny, rainy, unimportant country called Belgium, in the region of Flanders. This means Dutch/Flemish is my native language, so please forgive me for my mediocre English. I'm not much of a writer either, so my apologies for this badly written text. Anyhow, currently I work as an administrative assistant at a court registry. It's actually more exciting than it sounds. Well, that is if you consider learning about the law exciting, which I think it totally is. Before that, I used to be a wannabe philosopher in training philosophy and theology-religious studies student. You can't get more abstract than that ;) Philosophy* has become very dear to me and has helped me through some tough periods. And hey, now I know I'm not crazy! Studying theology does not mean that I am a Christian. I classify as an agnostic (mostly irenic) atheist and a freethinker. This does not take away the fact that I am fascinated by the phenonemom of religion and its impact, which is why I decided to study it in more detail. Studying religion, especially Christianity, has both raised a lot of questions in me and helped me to better understand certain things. Also, as long as you respect my beliefs I will respect yours ;)

Erm, what else to say? I'm a Tolkienite, Trekkie in process, Pratchett-addicted cat servant with an overactive imagination and loads of interests. The latter include, but are not limited to: astronomy, linguistics (studying it was my plan B for university as lots of people have to drop out of studying philosophy), biology and history. Actually, I'm the kind of person who watches loads of documentaries and starts 'discussing' with the television about things that were wrongly portrayed or invalid arguments that were used. ^^; I also have a very mild form of agoraphobia and have sought help for it after it started gradually becoming worse. I first took meds to keep the panic attacks at bay and, later on, started going to therapy because additional issues had come into play. I am no longer on the way of becoming a hermit scared to leave her house. This actually is a completely irrelevent fact about me, nor do I find it very important, but I mentioned it to show that seeking help is a good thing to do. Maybe less relevant is that I have developed a mystery illness, the symptoms of which mainly consist of chronic fatigue and pain, along with a bunch of other random symptoms. This means that I have very little time for hobbies as my job uses up all of my energy. Another random fact: don't sit between me and the little window on an airplane. I tend to get stupidly excited about the pretty things outside and will spend the entire flight trying to stare out of the window, barely able to contain my enthousiasm. Yes, people, I do pretty much go into fangirl-mode about clouds and the landscape below me.

The arguing with the TV aside, my real hobbies are reading, sewing, wandering around the garden/gardening, archery, drawing and of course, dolling. I've been dolling since November/December 2005 and have always pixelshaded. Since 2009 I've begun making baseless dolls as I didn't want my work to be called unoriginal because of the bases I used. In 2010 I first publically released a base(set) and have since then embarked on the epic quest of making an useable base. As I'm a stubborn little twit I will someday succeed in this, no matter how long it takes me!

Well, that's all I have to say so far, if I think of something more to add, I'll update this.

* It's more than trying to prove the existence of a chair. And seriously, you can't prove that the chair exists. Because maybe we're just brains in a vat. It's the evil neuro-scientists, I tell ya!

The List

Nicknames: Elaitea, Ela, El, Sar
Birthday: 20th December 1990
From: the land of chocolate, aka Belgium
Hobbies: drawing, dolling, reading, knitting, sewing, archery, listening to music, coming up with stories (and not succeeding in writing them down <_<)
Likes: philosophy, theology-religious studies, books, music, pencils, rabbits, cats, bows (the ones used for archery of course =]), swords, 'goedendags', weapons in general (except guns and bombs, unless the ancient versions thereof), wind, Star Trek (especially Deep Space Nine), Babylon 5, Mononoke (the anime), Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales, House MD, astronomy, languages, intriguing questions, Discworld.
Disikes: hypocrites, unnecessary impoliteness, political correctness gone wrong, sticky textures, loud noises, lots of stuff going on at once.
Favourite bands: Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Xandria, Sonata Arctica, Sabaton, Within Temptation and many others depending on whatever mood I'm in.
Favourite books:most books written by J.R.R. Tolkien, especially The Children of Hurin, Discworld series by T. Prattchett, American Gods by N. Gaiman, Nineteen Eighty-Four by G. Orwell (much better than Brave New World in my opinion), The Antichrist by F. Nietzsche, The Praise of Folly by D. Erasmus, The Conquest of Happiness by B. Russell.
Job: administrative assistant at a court registry
Studies: a Bachelor of Arts in Theology-Religious Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with theology-religious studies as a minor (and no, I'm not Christian, actually I'm agnostic). Before that I studied Latin-Modern Languages at high school, which basically meant 18 of the 32 periods I had were languages (Dutch, English, French, German and Latin).
Contact: You can always contact me by leaving a message at my tagboard, or sending an email (see the link in the footer). I also have Skype, but I won't post it here. You can always ask me for it though. You can also note me at Deviantart. My blog can be found here. You can also find me at Tumblr and at Facebook (message me if you want a link to that).