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About my site

Midnight Musings went online at 29th February 2008. The name is inspired by a poem I wrote, 'Sterrenwacht', which can be translated by 'observatory' in English. It may not sound good, but in Dutch it is a wordplay, as 'wacht' can either mean 'wait' or 'guard'. The poem was also the theme of the first layout. It featured a baseless doll of Talion standing in his homelands, you can see it here.

The second layout was named Calling upon the Winds and featured a baseless doll of Aelin, one of my characters. The pixels underneath the navigation were all connected to him (though I have since changed things and these are now outdated): a scythe, because that is his main weapon as a Guide (for more information see the my characters section), a crystal ball and chicken feathers, because clairvoyance is one of the gifts of his race and these objects are used to foresee the future, a raven, the form he sometimes takes since he became a Guide and the gray stuff it's leaving behind is an allusion to the Middle Realm (where the souls of the dead stay before going further). You can see a screenshot of it here.

The third version was named Juni-Hitoe. This time I wanted to keep it simple as I was getting tired of those 'boxed' layouts. Obviously based on historical Japanese costume, it featured a doll wearing a Juni-hitoe, also known as the 'twelve-layer robe' as worn in the Heian period (even though the doll probably isn't completely accurate). The other designs are inspired by Japanese art, favoring a certain simplicity. A screenshot of it can be seen here.

The fourth version was named Sterrenwacht. Like the very first layout, it is inspired by the poem I wrote. It came into a being during a difficult period in my life after I lost both my grandfather and my godfather. It represents a duality I was feeling. The poem, as seen in the banner, is about loss and the doll itself is quite festive as all this happened in the Christmas holidays. I was not content with the coding, so this layout didn't stay online as long as the others. It can be seen here.

The fifth layout was the Teler one. Not very original as a title, but that doesn't matter so much. The header features a Teler, which is a group of Elves in the great J.R.R. Tolkien's work, on the shores of Valinor (strewn with jewels they were given by the Noldor). The general concept belongs to Tolkien (of course!), but the interpretation and costume design is mine. The site needed some lighter colours for the summer, so the doll was perfect for this. The entire thing was made very quickly as I used the base structure of the Juni-Hitoe layout. You can see it here

Layout number six was the Messenger of the gods layout. It features Iris, goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. It was inspired by a beautiful description of her by Virgil: Ergo Iris croceis per caelum roscida pennis mille trahens varios adverso sole colores devolat. It's more elaborate than my other layouts (except the first two, which were made by slicing the image) because I wanted to try something new. You can see it here.

And the one your looking at now is called Lentekriebels, since I started working on it during Spring. There's no deep reasoning whatsoever behind it, just the fact that I hadn't featured a blond doll in any of my layouts yet.


I followed tutorials at Desdemona's Site Building 101. The fonts used for the header image come from Dafont.com.