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A Song of Ice and Fire


The next installment in my ASoIaF character series: Melisandre of Asshai. This doll gave me a lot of pain. I just couldn't get it to work out at first and had to start over. I'm still not completely happy with it, but eh... At least, I like the colours and the hair. I wanted her robes to be well... modest? I've seen so many pictures of her in very revealing clothing and that just doesn't seem very fitting for someone who advises Stannis? Also, brighter colours than the TV-show uses, because I don't think those are fiery enough.

Arianne Martell

Cersei Lannister

The next installment in my ASoIaF character series: Arianne Martell of Dorne regretting her actions while holding a crown (those who read the books will get the meaning of the crown). I stuck with the Martell colours for her dress and kept it light and simple. No wide and heavy sleeves because that wouldn't be such a good idea in the climate of Dorne. The shawl can double as a veil to keep the sand out of her face. I quite like the background on this one.

I'm on a roll! Another doll of an ASoIaF character: Cersei, aka the Queen B*tch. She's a very interesting character, but I just don't like her XD I did have fun dolling her though and designing the different kinds of dresses for different regions is nice. I imagine the King's Landing fashion to be more structured and complicated than the rest. The sleeves are supposed to be Myrish lace. It isn't said in the books whether it's a bobbin, needle or tambour lace, but I'm going for either needle or tambour (tambour has a special place in my heart since I'm learning to make it). She's also wearing green instead of red (like she does in the TV show) because she's been described as wearing a green dress a couple of times.

Lady Stoneheart

Catelyn Stark

Another doll, yay! This time of Lady Stoneheart from - you guessed it right!- A Song of Ice and Fire. This one was a bit of a pain, especially colourwise. Ah well. I kept the costume very simple, she's too obsessed with revenge that I doubt she would care about pretty clothes.

Yet another doll of an ASOIAF character, this time Catelyn Stark. I don't really like her character design in the television show: it's too bland. So I tried to make a design that would provide warmth (aka layers), wouldn't require handmaidens to put it on and that still has some colour to show that she is a noble lady who can afford dyed fabrics. I included the Tully colours (blue and orange (-ish, in the case of the doll) and the grey of the Starks. I took inspiration from bliauts and Viking apron dresses.

Margaery Tyrell

Alayne Stone

My second doll after my hiatus! This time of Margaery Tyrell, another character from A Song of Ice and Fire. I decided to stick with the Tyrell colours: green and gold. I quite like the dress shading. However, I'm not too fond of the background, but for a second doll in months it could have been worse.

A doll of the A Song of Ice and Fire character Alayne Stone with the Vale as the background. I wanted to keep the dress and jewellery quite simple since she's supposed to be a bastard and not a real noble woman. Three layers and a bit of fur because it gets really cold up in the Eyrie. I made this after not dolling for about 5 months, so my dolling skills were quite rusty. Ah well, I do like the doll, especially her face and hair :)


My base

My second toolshaded doll. This time of Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire. I got inspired by pictures in a collection of Victorian women's magazines about sewing and so on. Since I didn't have the book with me when I was making the sketch for this doll, so it's not an exact replica of the style in which the pictures were drawn, but more of a mixture between that style and my own. Anyway, it explains the simple shading. The ridiculously ornate frame was inspired by picture I saw in the same book. It's far from being my best doll, but she was fun to draw ^^

My first ever toolshaded doll :D I did begin making quite a few tooled dolls before, but never got around to finishing them (I always got stuck on the sketching/colour blocking phase >_<). Anyway, she's supposed to be Cersei from A Song of Ice and Fire (the book version). I always pictured her wearing over the top gowns and loads of jewellery. After all, she's the queen and her dad is a rich guy, so why not show off her wealth? I'm fairly happy with this doll, especially since it's the first time I actually tooled.