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Tali Preview

Male portrait base. Two sizes, two shading styles, one extra head.

Eh Quoi? Preview

A portrait base with three different arm poses, various expressions that can be mixed and matched and an Asian and Black face edit.

Alina Preview

A bust base with eleven different skintones and matching face edits. For the Caucasian version there are a few more edits.
References used: Majnouna's tutorials.

Full Body

Nest Preview

Baseset-ish collection of 14 poses. Basically these bases were made so that I had an archive to fall back upon when not in the mood for going baseless. It's a mish-mash of various poses. Both male and female bases are included. 3 skintones, simple shading. More poses will be made. Pose references (warning: these sites contain nudity): here, here and here (for the sitting pose with one leg dangling beneath her).

Couple Preview

Couple base. 1 pose, m/m. 2 skin tones. I might make some m/f and f/f edits one day.

Gilora Preview

This was supposed to be a preview of an upcoming baseset with more dynamic poses, which I never ended up finishing. Currently, there are four poses. Just one skintone for now and five heads.

Lau Preview

*Nipple warning*
A full body base with five different poses, five different skin tones and subtle body changes and various expressions.
References used: Anatomy for the Artist by Daniel Carter and Michael Courtney, Navate's Skin Tutorial and Bodies In Motion Image Gallery.

LauS Preview

*Nipple warning*
A simpler shaded version of my Lautitiane base. There are no various expressions and less poses as I haven't gotten around to editing all of them.

Short Rules

- Always link back when you use the base.
- All edits allowed.
- Redistribution is only allowed when my site has completely disappeared and I can't be contacted.
- Do not sell dolls made on my base for real money. Forum currency is okay, real money is not.
- Feel free to show me the dolls you made with a base of mine ;)

For a more detailed version of the rules, see the 'About section'.