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Baseless, palettes by Pinstripe

My base

Yet another palette contest doll, this time with a small palette. Eh, I just wanted to prove that I can work with small palettes as well. It was hard getting it to work with my shading style (I feel like the palette was more designed with a shading style in mind that doesn't use as many different shades as mine does), but it worked? Somewhat. Also, why does my mind go from 'it's a small palette, so make a small doll' to 'pixel a gorram jungle'? Anyway, I used an old 'character' for this. She never got develloped properly, but now I see her as a guardian of a secret jungle city. When all is safe, she's asleep, one with the tree behind her. When a human enters the scene, she wakes up to cut them to bits. And sometimes she might just let a human pass... Ya know, the monster in the shadows needs to eat too ;)

An entry for StormNicki's Nothing but hair challenge. I think this is the first time I ever pixelled such a naked doll? Anyway, ever since I learnt of the 'mermaid hair' trend, I've been wanting to try and pixel multi-coloured hair and this was the perfect opportunity for it! I'm happy with how it came out, especially since hair isn't my strongest point. And of course I just had to add a background, which has turned out better than I expected. I imagine her being some kind of benevolent spirit that creates will-o'-the-wisps to guide lost travellers out of the marshes during the night.

SN Palette Contest
My base, palettes by StormNicki

Lente layout

A doll I made for a palette contest. I rarely enter contests, let alone palette contests. And this doll reminded me why I don't usually do palette contests: working with another person's palettes is hard. I struggled a fair bit with combining my shading style with these palettes. But that's what makes palette contests so challenging. I used colours from every palette (and used most palettes completely) and didn't add any other colours. Also, I spend hours looking for a base for this doll, only to realise I have bases of my own XD

An ordinary fantasy doll for a new layout. I figured I had never made a layout featuring a blond doll. And then I thought about how people often say yellow doesn't look good on blond people, which isn't quite true. This in combination with lots of forest hikes, resulted in this doll. Gosh, she did give me loads of grief, but I do like the face and folds :)


Holidays 2013

A remake of my very first doll. You can see a side by side comparison here. My apologies for the awfulness of these earlier dolls XD I really was quite horrible when I first started out: even my designs were boring. Though I have to admit the first doll actually looked a bit better than she does now: when I went to save her, I accidentally saved as a .GIF, so she was a victim of the infamous GIF-monster of old (which completely ruined the colours).

My 2013 holiday gift. It's inspired by 'Sol Invictus',though not so much the cult as the meaning of the words. It's around this time that the days are starting to lengthen again and that's something that I think should be celebrated ^^ I also wanted to stay away from the typical Christmas colours, not that I have something against them. It's just that I see them so often (one of the downsides of having your birthday a few days before Christmas is that you tend to get Christmas related presents for it >_<) that I tend to grow tired of them. It's also inspired by the holiday gift I made last year. It's basically the same character, but in a different role this time.


Baseless. Reference picture.

This is supposed to be me as a witch for a collab on dA. I went with the Discworld kind of witch, because I think they're awesome. Granny Weatherwax wouldn't approve of the non-black dress and stripy socks, but at least the big black hat is present (with -poisonous- flowers stuck in it, because I like flowers and was very interested in poisonous ones as a child). I didn't know what to do with the broom at first and finally decided to go for a willow branch as broomstick. Willow trees are some of my favourite trees, partly because even the smallest twig can burst into life again. So, a living willow broomstick it is. Since it's a self portrait, I also had to include my cats (me being the crazy cat lady that I am). The black floppy one is Iliana (aka Miss Potato Sack, and yes, she does lie on your lap like that) and the other one is Toulouse (Miss Attention Seeker, who occasionally likes sitting on my shoulders).
Please excuse the dark background, but since it was made for a dark background, it doesn't look as nice on a light one. You can see it with a transparent background here.

A doll made to practice profile view portraits. It got a bit out of hand though. There's just way too many flowers for my liking (they take too long to pixel). Featured are flowers that can be seen in my garden. Her wreath is made of willow boughs with flowers woven in. I had originally made a wreath entirely made up of flowers, but when it was nearly finished, I decided that I didn't like it :/ I don't have much more to say about this doll, except that I like the hair.

Holidays 2012


My holidays gift for 2012. I was being nostalgic, looking at LotR dolls made ages ago by dollers that have disappeared of the internet/dolling community and I felt the urge to doll a pretty dress. They may not look like it, but most of my dolls have more substance than that XD Anyway, I decided to go with bright colours because winter is depressing enough already. Also, I associate the cold with bright and sharp colours. The palettes gave me a lot of trouble though, but I like the outcome. Also, the green outline is there because the text is anti-aliased to the dA background colour.

A while ago I was thinking about how long it had been since I pixeled a 'crazy' gradient, so I set out to make one. My mind jumped from 'stupidly complicated gradient' to 'Iris' to 'Virgil's description of Iris in the Aeneid', which is the equivalent of 'you didn't think that such a gradient was enough, did you? Add some wings. Saffron-coloured ones. And a rainbow... don't forget the rainbow. You know what? Make it a transparent sash over that gradient dress.' Erm yeah... I like the gradient and the face. I originally wanted her to hold a staff, but that changed into a materializing scroll. Also, I got my second Daily Deviation on DeviantArt for this doll, which was completely unexpected XD



A quick doll for the 2011 holidays. I needed to get my mind of things, so I made this in less than a week, which is a very short time for me (as any regular visitors will now XD). There are lots of faults in it, but hey, at least I was able to finish it in time :P The aurora borealis was surprisingly fun to pixel.

My entry for the final round of Miss Doll Fantasy. I don't like it at all. After such a long time I had completely lost touch with the character, forgotten bits about her culture and started working on her too late, so I had to rush bits of her. From left to right it's: war, ambassador and formal. I would have liked to put war in the middle, to break with the two dresses, but it had to be in that exact order. Since I'm a bit too obsessed with stories behind my dolls, I will give you a bit of text to be read so that my explanations for the outfits won't go entirely wasted ;) Sooo, for war: Recalian has been at war for quite a few years. Men are requited from even the tiniest villages, leaving the women and children alone. As Altarian's village is close to the borders and regarded not important enough to get military support, the enemy has decided to march through it. Desperate to defend their homes and children, the women are forced to take up whatever arms there are left and fight as well as they are able to. Altarian probably wouldn't last long.
Ambassador: Recalian is an haughty and prideful nation, despite their difficulties during the war. Their women would refuse to show their hair to those of another nation (aka they aren't worthy enough), nor would their husbands want them to do that. The symbol of Recalian is shown on their overdress and the national motto is embroidered on their collars. Not used to the colder temperatures in some other countries, they'd resort to wearing long sleeved underdresses.
And lastly: Royal/formal: To show of their wealth, women of royal blood wear more layers than necessary, though they are careful not to overdo it in fear of getting negative attention of the ordinary people. Royalty is the only class allowed to wear an entire blue dress (as which layer they wear it, depends on their rank), symbolising the oceans. Music is well appreciated at the court, and that's why she's holding some kind of flute (though that unfortunately isn't clear >_< ).

Daugther of the Dawn


A doll inspired by a lot of things, including the wonderful Firiel dolls made by Tata, by which I was inspired to doll something yellowy. Besides that there was also Celtic knots and Art Nouveau inspiration going on, especially by the works of Mucha and last, but not least: I got inspired by a sunrise I saw when travelling to the Netherlands. That last inspiration made me change the entire design: from a more confident sun priestess type, to a shyer (the sunrise itself looked shy) kind of fantasy girl. If you want to see all the different steps I took making this doll, you can see a progression sheet here (links out to DA).

Inspired by the song Sahara. As the song mentions the Philosopher and the Queen, I got inspiration for a project with two dolls. This is the part where the Queen is in the foreground, that little dark figure left is the Philosopher. I imagine the queen ruling over a dying kingdom, or to be more precise: a kingdom on a dying planet. That's why the sun isn't very bright. The background took ages to make, but it's one of the best desert backgrounds I've ever made ^^ The transparent overdress was a pain to pixel: I had to adapt my usual transparency technique to make it look more sheer. Unfortunately that meant tons of recolouring: for each shading colour of the underdress four shading colours for the overdress, which makes for about 42 colours in total <_<



In case you didn't notice already: the picture is just a preview ^^ It's a remake of my Big Head Challenge (the old version is below so I won't retype the story behind her here). Don't like her too much: the gradient could have been better and I couldn't get the eyebrows and left side of her tiara right. The lower right side of the hair is pretty crappy as well since I couldn't find reference pictures for it <_< The only thing I like about her is her left fringe: that part came out pretty well in my opinion. Anyway, since I worked for weeks on this, I'm tired of seeing it and won't be changing much about her.

Inspired by a poem by Lucebert. There was a sentence along the lines of 'We're but a breadcrumb on the skirt of the universe'. Ever since I read that one sentence, I had been inspired to doll something from it. The doll above is the result of that inspiration and my interest in astronomy. The pattern on her dress is inspired by the Orion Nebula, for the colour of the sash, train and sleeves I was inspired by Cosmic Latte, which is supposedly the average colour of the universe. The pattern kills the shading on the top part of the dress, but since the focus of the doll is more on the concept than on the shading, I don't quite mind that.



Just a 'quick' little fantasy doll. Don't like her too much since I couldn't get the shape of the top right of her hair right and the features look off even though I used reference pictures. I do like the colours and skin shading though. I picture her as some kind of wood nymph.

My entry for Miss Doll Fantasy, Altarian ai Inesta of Recalian. She comes from a coastal village, like most of Recalian citizens. The temperatures are similar to the Mediterranean on earth, that's partially why I decided to use red as main colour. To symbolise Recalian's attachment to the sea (they are known for their fleet), I added a blue sash. The things hanging from that sash are mainly good-luck charms, on her right side their is a tin whistle-like instrument as music takes a big part in evening ceremonies. Her dress is supposed to be a bit worn out, since she doesn't have the money to afford a new one. Altarian mostly walks bare feet as she spends a lot of the time searching food in the water. The tattoo on her arm is thus also a good-luck charm against poisonous water snakes that inhabit that area.



In case you didn't already, click on the eye to see the whole thing. Inspired by Bunnystick's and Jeaden's Big head Challenge. Of course, my evil muse had to make me doll gradient hair and a background (if you can call it like that, since she is the background). She's inspired by Vergilius' Iris, that's why there are saffron coloured feathers. I like her because I was able to complete such a big thing, but the shading and outlines could have been better. The things I like about it are the feathers, ocean and the top part of her hair. I love her eyes the most though, I had lots of fun making them ^^

A holiday gift for everyone who wants it ^^ It's been a long time since I dolled a dress like this and a doll so small, but the outcome could have been worse. If you take this, please link back to my site somewhere, thank you ^^



A doll inspired by the night. That's the Earth she's holding between her hands and the pattern on the grey skirt is (quite loosely) based on moon craters. Then I decided that a pattern alone wasn't enough, so I added a gradient, also because gradients are fun ^-^ The multi-colour hair was something I'd been wanting to make for ages, but never got around to it. I really like how it came out.

I got inspired by the base and decided to doll an Asian inspired doll. When the clothes were shaded, I added the patterns and the gradient. The doll isn't too bad, I think, I especially like the pattern on the blue part of the dress. Dolaria and I also made a collab out of this, you can see the results at my sister page in the about section.