I'm on a roll! Two updates in less than a week's time :D Anyway, another new doll (and a naked one at that!) made for a challenge at Glam. I've also opened a shop at Glam, so I'll be forced to doll more regularly, that is if people actually order dolls XD

Happy holidays! I've got three weeks off from work, so I finally have time to work on some more dolls :) I'm still working on that base dump I last posted too. Anyway, two new dolls of my characters Talyone and Aelin.

No new dolls unfortunately, but I do have a slight base dump prepared for you here as proof that I did indeed make something :) They were mostly made to add to my personal stock, but others are free to use them in the odd case they want to. I will eventually add them to the base page, but have no time now and have more bases in the works anyways.

Two new dolls! Another contest entry, this time for a palette contest. And a quick doll of my character Aelin :) Also, if the images aren't loading, it's best to try refreshing the page. Apparently my imagehost isn't always the best at loading quickly :/ It's so hard to find a decent imaghost nowadays...

I'm on a roll! Star Trek: Discovery has awoken the Trekkie inside and I just had to doll my favourite Star Trek captain: Sisko :) I actually managed to finish this doll in just two sittings!

And another update. Seems like my original domain has disappeared. I hope this one will stick around longer. Anyway, sick-leave isn't all that nice, but it does give me the opportunity to work on my dolls :) This time I managed to finish a doll of my character Talyone, which is supposed to be my entry for Izzie's contest.

Look! Another update! This time just a simple self portrait that I might use as a forum av.
Also, according to my webhost, this domain name might stop working in the near future. There's still some uncertainty about this, so I'm not redirecting this site to a new domain yet. But I have a new domain in case this one would disappear: you can find it here.
Izzie: if you're reading this: I'm working on that contest entry, I swear!

Okay, so 'soon' in my case seems to mean 'a couple of months'. My apologies for that. Even after almost a year of working, I still haven't mastered the art of combining a full-time job with that annoying mystery illness of mine. But! Here's that big update I announced: finally a new layout and a new doll section for ASoIaF dolls. One new doll posted in that section, a new one in the fantasy section (the layout doll) and four in the historical section.

I'm still alive, I promise. Expect a big update soon :)


A very belated happy holidays to you all! I've been a bit absent from the internet, been losing myself in music and didn't actually think of going online XD What some good CDs can do... Anyway: big news: I'm saying goodbye to 50webs and my domain name. For some reason I can't pay for it anymore (no credit cards for me) and it isn't the first time 50webs pulled a stunt with me, so I'm trying a new host out. I hope this one works out better :) I will update this website properly soon, I promise! Anyway, Midnight Musings' new home is at this URL.


Apparently Imageshack has deleted the images I uploaded there. I'm transferring everything to my current image host and am working on fixing the image links. Everything should be back up soon.
Edit: the important pages (aka doll and base pages) are now done. Resource pages are in progress. I still have to work on the links page, but that's for another time when I'm in the mood for looking which dollsites are still online and whether there are new ones that I can link to. I did get around to adding the new gifts I got. Check their awesomeness out on gifts page :) Also: new doll in the historical section! You guessed it right, this time no ASoIaF doll XD

And yet another ASoIaF doll. These updates are starting to sound all the same, aren't they? I got a wonderful gift, but will upload it later. For now, I'm off to a seaside holiday!

Two updates in a week? It's a miracle! :D Or it's just a case of making simple dolls ^^ Yet again a doll from ASoIaF.

And another update! This time a doll of Lady Stoneheart, yet again from ASoIaF. These characters are so much fun to doll :)

Two updates in one month? I'm being a good little doller, aren't I? Yet another doll of an ASoIaF character, this time of Catelyn Stark. I really need to start working on a new misc character page...

Oh, look: another doll! I'm a bit late with uploading this one (I put it on my Tumblr a week ago), but here it is. I should really make a new page for characters from works aside from LotR and the Silmarillion since these dolls are currently taking over my 'misc pag' >_<

And I'm back in business! Kinda. Sorta. My mental health is way better, but now I'm facing a physical illness. Not a life threathening one (again nothing to worry about), but it's life-altering and I'll have to learn to cope with it since I'll probably be stuck with it for the next few years :/ Anyway, one new doll, and I'm working on another one :)

My apologies for the lack of updates. I'm currently struggling with my mental health (I'm getting help, so there's nothing to worry about ;) ) so I don't really have the energy do make dolls. Anyway, I added a remake of my first doll which I uploaded on dA a month ago and hope to be back in the business soon!


Added a pair of self-portraits to the Misc. page. I made them because the other dolls I was working on weren't cooperating. I hope to finish those soon :)

What?! Another update! Don't get used to it though: I don't have any WIPs that are halfway finished lying around anymore. I do have a new idea which will be quite pretty if it a) works out and b) actually gets finished. Anyway, one new doll: another mock entry for MDF.

Small update with a new tutorial about dolling transparent fabric in MS Paint. Well, it's not exactly new: I made it in 2013 and planned to edit it a bit, but never got around to it. So I thought I might just as well post it for the odd chance that it might prove to be useful for someone.

Another mock entry for MDF. I'm having fun dolling these :D This time it's a tired and annoyed Rayeena in her sleepwear. Unfortunately I had to delete tons of links to dolling websites... So many of them seem to have died/disappaered. If you have a dolling website and want me to link to it, feel free to contact me :)

Erm, I kinda disappeared again, didn't I? Life continued to be hectic and frankly, I've been so tired lately that I lack the energy to actually be active on the internet. Anyway, I've got two new dolls (I know that's not a lot, but my right arm was bothering me, so I couldn't do any pixeling): one in the LotR section and one in the 'my characters' section :)

Oh dear, long time no update >_< The first few months of 2014 were quite hectic: exams, illnesses, problems with my dad's health,... The usual stuff. Anyway, I'm helping judge Miss Doll Fantasy this year, so I made two mock entries for its first round. You can find them in the 'my characters - other' section :) And I got a Site of the Month award at Dollstalgia, yay! :D


Small update with a holiday gift for you all!

Slightly delayed update (due to me being ill >_<), but two new dolls (a self portrait and a birthday gift depicting Rincewind) and two awards I got at Dollstalgia :D Also, happy early holidays!

An update with two new dolls: one in the Misc. section and one in the Historical section. Both are tooled :D The historical one is the first doll I made properly using my tablet. Turns out that a tablet makes toolshading so much easier XD I had fun playing with it.

Another update already? I'm on a roll XD New doll added in the gift section: a birthdaygift for Lilly. It's a doll of ther two characters.

A small update with a doll of me as a witch for a collab on dA. It can be found in the fantasy section. I should really start working again on that tutorial and palettes I promised a while ago. It's a bit of a busy dolling season now though, so I don't have as much time for working on them.

I added a new doll in the Misc. section. It's my first tooled doll ever ^^ Tooling wasn't as hard as I thought it would be: after all the basic knowledge needed stays the same, it's just the tools that change. Anyway, I'm also planning on adding some new palettes soon.

A quick little update with a birthday gift for Izzie. I hope to finish another dolls soon. Also, I'm leaving for Bologna tommorrow and won't be able to spend time on the internet till Saturday or Sunday.

The results for the Colour Race are in: to my surprise I managed to win the members' choice award in six of the eight categories o_o The awards can be seen at the 'awards' page I also managed to finish a doll, though it is nowhere as spectacular as my Galadriel doll. It will be quite a while till I finish anything as good as that. Anyway, it's a doll for the Summer Beach Party at TLC. I also changed the 'about me' page a bit and have started a blog! It will be used for my ramblings about dolling WIPs and sewing projects. There isn't much on there right now, but you can check it out here.

Small update with two new poses for my Gilora baseset. I'm working on an entry for TLC's Summer Beach Party, which should be finished soon. The Colour Race at TLC is now voting. I'm curious to see who'll win: there were quite a few interesting entries ^^

And another update: one doll of Galadriel and the last colour race doll. I'm also working on a tutorial and hope to finish it soon. Also, Imageshack is being a big pain and will arbitrarily stop displaying certain images. I'm trying to get them replaced as soon as possible.
Edit: Here is a temporary image of the tutorial I was talking about. The wording probably is confusing, but I find the entire process difficult to put in words. I plan on actually making a separate page for this (like my patterns and gradient tutorial), but I thought I would share the temporary version of it ^^

Wait, am I actually updating regularly? It seems so. I've added a new doll in the gifts section: it was a birthday gift for the awesome Silerna. Also, there are four more dolls in the character section that I made for the colour race at TLC.

And another update! :D I added one new doll in the gifts section. It's that commission I was talking about. I apologise for the ugly watermark over it, I had to do that in order to display it here. Also, I'm participating in a colour race at The Limelight Cafe. That means having to get eight dolls done in a relatively short time, so I'm using bases for them. Well, I had to use bases anyway, since we're not allowed to use the same baseset more than once. I'm using my character Irnai for this, so check out the my characters section for three new dolls of her :)

Look! A real update! I finished WIP number 1 and it can be seen in the Fantasy section and at the bottom of this page. Also, the commision I'm working on is almost done, yay! And I've finally made some progress on the background of WIP 2, so I hope to finish that soon-ish as well.

Hi, everyone. I'm sorry that it takes me so long to update with a new doll. However I do have proof that I'm actually working on something:


It's just that there are a lot of flowers involved in this one and they are quite the pain to pixel. Also, I've been spending most of my time on that comission (got to set my priorities right!).

Also, here's a preview of another WIP I'm working on:

Tweede bewijs

I just have to finish a background and some minor details on this one. That should be easy, except for the background as it contains snow... lots of snow. And I've never been very good at pixeling snow :/ Anyway, we'll keep on working! I really do hope to finish one of these soon :)

My apologies for the dire lack of updates. My old, faithful laptop decided to die in February and I had to wait a few weeks for my new one to arrive. Unfortunately, I have Windows 8 now and I found out that the new version of MS Paint isn't very pixelart friendly >_< Fortunately, I was able to instal MS Paint XP. I would have liked to find the Vista version, but for some reason it just wouldn't work on my laptop... Anyways, I'm working on some WIPs, including a commision. I hope to finish them soon. Also, Silerna asked me to be site sisters, so yay! I should really get around to updating that sisters page of mine... The links page has been updated though. Also, if anyone has a dollsite they want me to link too, feel free to drop me a message and I'll put your link up :)

Happy holidays to you all! I hope you'll have a great 2013 ^^ Also, I want to thank you all for your support, it has meant a lot for me.
Update with a holidaygift for everyone (feel free to adopt) and lots of new resources (palettes and patterns). And a gift made for my birhtday by the wonderful Silerna was added to the gift page. Also, Lilly has asked me to be sisters :D I have yet to update my sisters page, but yay!


I seem to be on a roll this month. It's been ages since I updated this often :p New doll of Rincewind (one of the awesome characters of the genius known as Terry Pratchett) that was made as a birthday gift for Bookhobbit. I've never made so many birthday gifts as this year, but these dollers are pretty awesome, so they deserve some ;)

Look, another update in just a few weeks time! One might actually start to believe I'm a quick doller, instead of a snail-paced one :P Don't get your hopes up though ;) One new doll of Arwen in the LotR section. Enjoy!

Two updates in one month? I feel proud of myself XD Anyway, I uploaded a birthday gift that I made for Lilly, featuring her character. It was made for the DeviantArt background, so it isn't transparent. I hope to upload another new doll soon :)

Sorry for the lack of updates! >_< The doll I'm working on isn't cooperating as well as I would want to. And well... university has started again, so I'm a bit busy now. At least I'm learning Koin� Greek now :D I'm so excited to be learning a new language again! Anyway, I do have something to update with: a baseset in progress. I hope to include more dynamic poses in this one There are only two poses for now, but I have several more planned. Can't promise they'll be finished soon though :p See the 'Bases' section for the new poses.

As promised: an update with a new doll. She's nothing special, but I'm glad I managed to finish something. I'm also working on another doll, but I still have to finish the background and her arms. Also, since Monday, I've now got two cats again. We went to the shelter to pick a new one and came back home with a cute little black kitty :)

Sooo, it has been a month since my last update... I don't have a doll to upload yet, but I think she'll be finished next week. The linkspage has been updated a little bit. Unfortunately I had to delete yet another link to a site that had gone offline :/ I would rather add links than delete them, so if you want me to link to your site, just leave me a message :)
Also, my old cat died last Sunday. A week earlier she had been diagnosed with cancer. We had the luck to have her with us for another week, so we could say farewell to her. On Sunday she could no longer walk or just move around, so we had to take her to the vet to have her euthanised. So it's back to one cat for now.

Quick update with a little birthday gift that I made for Silerna. Still a bit low on inspiration, but I forced myself to make something. I used a different technique for it (drawing and colouring it on paper, scanning it and pixeling over it) as I had little to no time to make it. It looks more like my drawings than my dolls XD
RL news: my exams are finally over! The day I had my last exam, I rushed home in order to get to the animal shelter on time as we had decided to adopt a new kitty. And now I have two cats again: my old, lazy, relaxed Boulette and my little young, hyper-active little rascal Toulouse ^^ I still miss my old cat, but at least Toulouse keeps me busy all time :)

Just updating to let you know that I don't know when I'll be able to finish a new doll. I haven't been feeling well lately, and most importantly: one of my beloved cats died a few days ago. Add exams to this and you get little time, inspiration and will to doll. (Apparantly my exam periods are cursed: either a close family member dies, gets admitted into hospital or a pet dies >_<) I will try to update as soon as possible though :)

No new dolls yet, but a few more poses for my new portrait base. Hopefully, this one is more useable than my other bases. I changed the base page, so that every base has its own page now and I also edited the 'About me' page as it got more traffic recently. Since the list didn't quite fit with me (I'm not a list-person), I added some text. Besides that, I changed the text alignment to 'left' again instead of 'center'. I like this much better, but this meant that I had to use some inline CSS (which is why I used the center alignment at first), so I hope the site works fine in all browsers. I also hope to finish a doll soon.

The bad thing about finishing a couple of dolls in a short time is that it takes a loooooong time to finish a new one as there are no real WIPs. I'm working on dolls and a tutorial, but they might take a while >_< But, I've finished a new base. I'm planning to make some more arm poses for her, but that might take me some time. As I'm currently not at home, I'll just put her on this page in the 'new dolls' section. See you soon, hopefully :D

Happy birthday to my site! *throws confetti around* It's been in existence for four years now and I decided to celebrate by making a new layout :) I tested it in FireFox, Chrome and IE 7, so I hope it works in other browsers as well. If it gets really messed up in another browser, please tell me ^^' Also, new doll in Fantasy (the layout doll that is).

Oh wow, two updates in one month... That's something rare for me. Anyways, two dolls in the Gifts and Request section. One made by me for Bookhobbit and one she made for me as part of the art trade :)
Also, I have another doll with one crazy gradient that's almost finished... Thank you so much, Virgil >_< Aaaand I've renewed my domain for two years, so if all goes well, this website won't disappear in the next two years ;)
One last thing: I've noticed that some of my older dolls are looking a bit weird. It seems that Tinypic is messing up some .gif files. For the newer ones I'm using Imageshack and I started saving them as .png files. I'll replace the messed up dolls when I've the time for it.

New doll in the LotR section, it's the finished version of that preview I showed a little while ago :) I'm working on yet another doll that's almost done, so I hope to update in less than a month's time ;)

Happy belated New Year! Quick update with a new base pose and faces for my Lautitiane base. I haven't yet gotten the time to make a simple shaded version though. Let's hope my image host won't delete the file :/


Happy Holidays to you all! Thank you for visiting my site, for the feedback you gave ^^ And though it's a bit early, I hope 2012 will be a great year for you all. Also, below is a gift doll for anyone to adopt :)

Just a quick update to let you know I'm not dead :D I've just been busy with university (master thesis... ugh), archery competitions and gardening. I'm working on some dolls though and one of them is 3/4 finished (still have to do a pretty big part of the background), but as proof that I'm actually dolling, I'll show you a little preview ^^
I'm also working on some base poses and hope to finish them and the above shown doll soon :)

Small update with that Noldo lady I've been talking about :) It has taken me a long time to finish her as I was clueless what background to put in. So now you get my feeble attempt at designing Tolkienian heraldry. (And I only just noticed how weird the word 'designing' looks... It looks really odd).

My apologies for the lack of updates, I was busy with driving lessons and a big essay. Anyway, just one new doll (one of Nerdanel), though I've also finished my Noldorin design concept except for the background. That one should be up pretty soon. Also, I've added a bunch of new resources: patterns and palettes.

Uploaded a new image for my Alina base as the previous one was blurry for some reason :/

As promised: the new doll, which depicts a Teler. A Noldorin lady is also on her way, as well as Nerdanel :) Oh yes, I'm in a LotR/Silmarillion mood. I've quite a few sketches of costume desings waiting to be dolled.

Updated the new layout and I'll try to update with a new doll (shown in the banner) tomorrow. Also updated the portrait base with one extra caucasian face :)

Quick update to let you know I'm not dead. Exams got in the way of updating. I'm currently working on a new layout and it should be up within a few days. Till then!

No new doll yet, but I uploaded the international version of my portrait base (see the bases page). 10 variations in skintone and facial details, though no alternate expressions, but you can always look at the first version to see what I changed in the expression. Happy Easter to whomever celebrates it!

Semi-big update with a new layout (though certainly not my best) and a few new dolls. All can be found in the 'Misc. section'. Some older dolls have found a new home in the 'Archive'. I've also added a new portrait base, two new poses for Lautitiane and a simple shading version of Lautitiane, all of which you can see at the 'Bases' page (that is, if my imagehost doesn't delete them >_<

Today we've gotten the news that my godfather was found dead in his appartment, so I don't know when I'll be updating again. It could be soon, to take my mind of things, or not. It'll depend on my mood. It's all just too much now. We hoped that 2011 would be better than 2010, but it doesn't seem to get any better.

Happy (late) New Year to you all! Hopefully 2011 will be a wonderful year, less affected by any kind of disaster :) Anyway, just a quick update to tell you I'm working on a new layout. The actual layout is finished, but I'm changing the look of the doll pages, which means some fiddling with tables (for the first time in my coding career! XD). It should be up soon.


Really quick update as I've to leave for the faculty's Christmas party soon. Added the newest dolls to their right pages (My Characters-other, LotR and Misc.). Uploaded the awards I got, though I forgot one >_< Aaaand a new pose for my base Lautitiane (and two versions of that pose: with prop and without). I'm working on another one and there'll hopefully be a new layout soon :)

Small update with a little and uncomplicated doll you can see below. I've gotten a couple of awards, but I'll upload them later. I don't know when I'll update next, I do doll (slowly)to keep my mind of things, but I'm often not in the mood to do anything remotely social. Especially not now as my grandfather just died last Saturday. He used to be a drunk and sometimes emotionally abusive towards his wife and kids, but he also worked hard to feed them. And, most importantly for me, he was always nice to me whenever I visited. It's saddening to think that I'll never hear him call me 'me lieveke' again, but at least he isn't suffering anymore. His will was the only thing that kept him alive, even with the kidney failure, the pneumonia, the liver cancer he continued to fight.
Anyway, I know this page isn't meant for such things, but it's still my site and I needed to write this down. I hope to be able to have a real update soon.

Je hebt lang en hard gestreden, maar de dood is meedogenloos. Rust nu maar in vrede, Pake.

Long time no update, I know. RL has been a pain and is still continuing in the same direction. Basically, my mother is having surgery tomorrow, my dad the day after tomorrow and we're kinda waiting for my granddad to die. Anyway, you're probably not interested in all that. I've made two new dolls (see below as I don't have the time to upload them to the right pages) and got two awards, which I will upload later. But I already want to thank Silerna and Robin-Anne for their lovely DOTM award :)

Uploaded a doll of Lthien. It isn't too good, but I'm glad I finally managed to finish something. Life has been pretty hectic. My dad was in hospital for more than a week and I'd to study for a (voluntary, unneeded) resit. Turns out that hospitals aren't a good place to study epistemology at all :/ Anyway, I'll finish my other WIP pretty soon. It's only birds I've to defeat this time, no big backgrounds. So, thanks for visiting and see you soon ;)

A month has passed and I still don't have finished a doll >_< I think even snails would be able to doll faster than I. But I hope to finish two dolls soon, I just have to finish the backgrounds and details. Anyway, I updated my Terms of Use with rules for base usage and... that's it, unfortunately :/ When I finish these two dolls, I plan on making a new layout and doing some bits of reworking on the site. See you soon!

Quick update with a base that can be found on the Resources page till I get the time to make a separate page for bases. Rules are currently on the file, the rules page will be updated when I'm less busy. Thank you for visiting :)

Another quick update to let anyone know that this site isn't dead or anything like that. I've finished my exams, but unfortunately I'm such a slow doller that I don't have any new content yet >_<

Quick update with an art trade. Both my part as Steph's part can be seen on the Gift page under 'requests'. Besides that I updated the overall Gifts page, so only the sisters page is left to update. I'm currently working on a remake: if that gets done before the exam period, I'll update. If not, I probably won't be updating till the end of June as exams are kinda really important >_<
Oh, and just a quick thank you to all the visitors that take the time to explore my little corner on the web. It's great to see that people are interested enough to visit and return :)

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth. Round three has begun. Thank you for hanging on!

Oh dear, it' almost a month since the last update and that one wasn't even a real update o_o I'm terribly sorry for that. The most shameful thing is that I don't even have new content to update. Anyway, the reasons for the long time without update are a pretty hectic Easter break and quite a few weeks of feeling down and pretty useless. Seems to have mostly passed now :) Still feeling confused at times, but it'll go away, just like it did last year.
More important and fun news: I uploaded a new doll of Ulfrun for the judges' example of MDME round 3, added some palettes and patterns to the resource page and continued with the changing of image hosts (still have to do the Gifts and Sisters pages though >_< So if you gave me a gift and it's not up there, it's simply because of the changes and absolutely not because I don't like it). I'm currently working on a base which I might or might not release, but the additional skinpalettes I made for it will certainly put online. Another thing I've been thinking about, is making a new tutorial. Unfortunately I have no clue what to write one about, so I'll take that as a sign that I'm not ready for it ;) Any suggestions are welcome though (not that I expect any XD).
If you read that whole way too long update post: congratulations! XD (Oww, and my trip to Kraków was amazing... Should stop rambling now, sorry ^^)

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth. Round two is voting.

Quick update with just one doll: a request of Evelyn's character Krystal. She was really fun to pixel. Dolling requests can be very fun :p I might upload some new patterns and palettes soon, though there won't be loads of them as I haven't been dolling much lately (yay for dolling even slower than a snail! XD). Oh and my site is now two years old ^^ A new layout is in order, but the doll I wanted to use in a new layout isn't inspiring any more >_< *pokes muse, only to get a death glare as an answer* ...Yeah... I'll try to make a new one soonish (though it'll probably be after March 16th as I'm leaving for Krak�w from the 13th till the 16th. I'll also be visiting Auschwitz during my stay... My kind of categorical imperative).

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth. Round two results will be up soon.

I updated the link page and am working on the gift page (where I also uploaded the two newest dolls I've made). I've to edit some image links and upload some gifts. Also, I've managed to become 3rd in Miss Doll Fantasy, so I uploaded one award ^^ Oh, and though this might not be interesting at all: I've managed to pass all of my exams for the first semester of this academic year. I'm actually halfway through my BA of philosophy now, which feels kinda weird... Time goes by so fast o_o
Oh, and anyone interested in joining me in attacking Photobucket with an old rusty spoon? :D And no, I'm not watching too much Alex Agnew vids, nor am I being nostalgic about the old times of watching people tear badfics apart by using decent humor... No, not at all...

I'm in the midst of changing the links of my images from Photobucket to a new image host (which hopefully won't screw with my dolls like Photobucket did). Some dolls might disappear for a while, but I'll try to finish it all by the end of the day. My apologies for the inconvenience.
Edit: I've completed most of the dolls section, except for the gifts and archive pages. But the most 'important' dolls are now back online and slightly less crappy looking ;) I'll continue this tomorrow as it's getting quite late.
New edit (02.02.10): I'm going to finish uploading new image links tomorrow. Today's been kinda busy :/ Sorry for that >_<

New edit (03.02.10): all my dolls have now been replaced. I still have to edit the gift section a bit, add gifts I've gotten and change their URL, but the rest should be fine. If the new image host loads way too slow, feel free to let me know and I'll search a new one (again) ^^

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth. Round two has begun! The deadline is January 25th.

Sorry for the long time between the uploading of the dolls and the actual updating. I've been pretty busy (pixeling a holiday gift -which is adoptable for all, so it can be found in the misc. doll section- and my Miss Doll Fantasy entry -which should already have stopped voting by now, but I'm used to delays there-, sewing and studying). Since exams will be starting soon, I won't be able to doll or update till the second week of February or so. I'll add the gifts I've gotten after the exams, but thank you for everyone who sent a birthday or holiday gift ^^ So, happy (late) holidays and see you till then ;) I hope 2010 will be great for you all!


^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth. Round two has begun!

Uni has been a bit hectic and I'm suffering from a Descartes-overdose, so please excuse the lack of updates -_- Eh, I did manage to make two dolls (yes, that's soooo many... I know XD), both for MDME. One was even done on a base o_o Man, that was difficult to get used to again... I prefer baseless dolls so much better XP Oh, and I uploaded an older one which I had forgotten about. It's in the misc. category and I won a Honourable Mention award with it ^^
Okay, the little counter below is now past 1900. Soooo, if you are visitor number 2000, feel free to make a screenshot and send it to me per mail/PM on TG/note on DA for a doll request (not that anyone will do this... I know I'd never do this XD But you know... some might look at sitecounters and such and since I don't bite -humanflesh isn't quite my thing- it doesn't hurt to try ^^).

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth. The pageant is now in voting stage, so go vote for your favourite entry!

Some of my dolls (read: most of them) suddenly looked as if they were eaten by the Photobucket monster, only to be spat out because they weren't tasty enough. That meant that I had to reupload almost every doll on my site, so if there are missing links to dolls, please tell me. I checked the doll and sister pages, but it's late, so I might have overlooked something <_< Besides that I also looked for broken links on my site and tried to remove all of them. Might have missed a few, but then I'll change them some other time. News of the dolling front: I added one new doll of Aelin, which is also part of my Halloween gift. If I didn't give you the gift, but have given you other gifts, feel free to adopt it ^^
And I noticed a while ago that I've passed the 1500 hits mark since I installed Statcounter (the counter itself is below the new dolls section at this page for those who haven't noticed yet). It will still take a while, but if you're visitor number 2000, you can take a screenshot and send it to me to get a custom made doll. Heck, you don't even have to send a screenshot and be visitor number xyz, if you send me a random request I'll probably try to make it. So yeah, I do requests (they may take long to get finished) if someone feels like wanting one.

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth.
Going back to my old one update per month habit <_< Haven't done much dolls, so I only added one to the fantasy section. But I uploaded a bunch of palettes and a new pattern. Don't know if my palettes are still useful as I now combine colours from things surrounding the clothes etc., so each palette was made for a specific doll and its shading and surroundings. Oh well, maybe someone can still use them, so there is no point in not uploading them ^^
And I just noticed that I've passed the 1500 hits mark since I installed Statcounter (the counter itself is below the new dolls section at this page for those who haven't noticed yet). It will still take a while, but if you're visitor number 2000, you can take a screenshot and send it to me to get a custom made doll. Heck, you don't even have to send a screenshot and be visitor number xyz, if you send me a random request I'll probably try to make it. So yeah, I do requests (they may take long to get finished) if someone feels like wanting one.

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth.
Wait, an update in less than a week time? The world must be coming to an end XD Anyway, I finally managed to finish the doll I'd been working on before my little Dwarven lady showed up. It's the next part in my Valar series (which I started in August last year, but shhhht...) and features the Lord of water, Ulmo.

^ For all of the Tolkien fans out there: a brand new pageant where Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Orcs compete for the title of Miss Middle Earth.
Anyway, nothing too big of an update, but I've one new LotR doll (well she's not a character made by Tolkien, but she comes from the world he created, so she'd fit better in that section ^^). She is an example for a new pageant I'm a judge in: Miss Doll Middle Earth.
I've also uploaded the temporary base I made from that doll, in case someone wants to doll a Dwarf XD I only have one pose and a portrait yet, and she isn't quite finished, but I'll add more poses soon :) The base can be found here (let's now hope that Photobucket doesn't delete it...).

Yet another month passed without updates, but that's because I didn't have any finished dolls to upload. Now I've finally finished the doll I've been working on since July, it's inspired by Nightwish and can be found on the 'Inspired by Nightwish' page XP Finally I got to upload a new doll on that page o_o Seriously, the newest one there was pretty much crap, so I'm glad that people will see a more decent one first when clicking on that page XD On another note: I've made myself a Deviantart account some months back. It's not there to replace my site though, dolls might be uploaded sooner on there, but I'll always update my site if I have a new one ^^
Oh, and Miss Doll Fantasy has finally been updated and I'm allowed to go to the next round :D I also got the award for best flag XD

My apologies for the lack of updates, though I doubt many of you have noticed. I was struck by a sudden lack of interest in internet and dolls. After that, I had papers to write and exams to study. So, even after such a long time there are but four new dolls (two of them are big though, that's why there's only a preview below) <_< But at least there (finally) is a new layout, featuring one of the few dolls I made during my absence. I know it's a bit simple compared to my previous layouts, but I just didn't want to make another 'boxed' layout. Besides, I think the simplicity fits the season... yup (but that's just me making excuses XD). Anyways, besides adding some dolls, I also added a few new resources. I wanted to make a tutorial, but I didn't have any idea about what, so no new tut. The 'Others' section has dissapeared from the navigation bar because most of the contents wasn't up to par with what I can do now and I haven't been able to draw much in the last few months, so there was no new content to add. I doubt it was interesting anyway.

Not much of an update, but since Steph from Menegroth asked me to be her sister, I had to edit the sister page ^^ Also added an Easter gift (if I've ever send you a gift, feel free to adopt, if I didn't, please note me before you adopt) and a quick fantasy doll.

Owkay, let's all forget the latest update was more than a month ago <_< Haven't made much dolls since because I decided to focus on baseless dolls instead of using bases. I'm trying to get better at anatomy, so doing baseless dolls will also help me with that :) Added part three of the Homeland series in the Characters section (subsection: Other) and one in the Fantasy Section. The last one is my entry for Miss Doll Fantasy . There are so many wonderful entries so I don't expect much from it, but at least I had lots of fun thinking about her culture and restarting her thrice XD

My apologies for the downtime, my domain was expired but has been (obviously) renewed now. :)
And sorry for the lack of updates, university is kicking my ass <_< I've had exams during January and had a task to do, so I've been quite busy. I added some gifts, an auction win and part two of the Homeland series. The Valentine gift is for those who I've already sent other holiday gifts to, since a lot of people don't celebrate Valentine I didn't feel like sending that gift around. Besides that I'm planning to make a new layout and another tutorial ^^

First update of the year, happy (belated) New Year everyone! There's a new doll of Irnai in the my characters section and I added a SOTM award given to me by the lovely Rhianna (go check out her site!) And I also won cover doll of the month at Couture. Now, I also had to do something I hoped I wouldn't have too, I've revised my TOU. The biggest change is that if you take a public gift, you must link back to my site somewhere. I thought people would be smart enough to do that on their own, out of common courtesy, but that was unfortunately not true. Remember: public gifts=adoptions!


Finally my big project is finished ^^ You can see it in the fantasy section. I also uploaded my second MWW entry and some gifts, under which a gift for all of you. Thanks to anyone who sent me a gift! ^^

One doll, my entry for the MWW auditions. I'm now working on my entry for the first round, wish me luck finishing it -_- I added some new links and gifts. The resources section has been updated too: new palettes and some patterns. Feel free to use them ^^
And yes, I'm still working on that big project I mentioned last time, I'm about halfway through.

No dolls this time, but I uploaded some awards and a request doll. Thank you, Katrina :D I also started working on a big project which will probably take me a while. But here's a sneak peek:
Yes, it's an eye, but trust me there's a whole lot more to it ;)

University is eating at my free time, but this update is quite big! I've made a tutorial (concerning patterns and gradients), added a gift section and uploaded two dolls. I'm also collaborating with the ever-awesome Ophelia (formerly known as Isodel) to reshade her Katerina base set. Go check her lovely base out!

I'm a bit out of inspiration, so the only things you'll get are some LotR dolls ^-^' However I do have some good news: I got a SOTM award :D Many thanks to Steph from Menegroth! I also added a link to the 'new' doll netiquette written by Seira, you can find it on my links page.

Just started with university, so I'll have less time to doll -_- However, I did finish a big project involving Talion and Aelin and a doll inspired by the night. I've noticed that I've recently become a bit obsessed with patterns and gradients, they are so much fun to pixel!

Finally the new layout is up! I have some great news: Dolaria asked me to be her sister, and of course I said yes ^_^ I added some dolls to different sections, recently I've been in the mood for dolling more difficult things, as you'll probably see below.

Ok, been having some trouble with the new layout, so it isn't up yet. Added some dolls in the misc. section, the fantasy section, and the Lord of the Rings section. I started a new series: dolling all the Valar, and I'm planning on actually finishing this one.

No, I'm not dead. I haven't updated for so long because I've been working on a new layout. Actually only the layout doll is finished, but that's the part that takes longest. Added some dolls in the misc. section (including a Flemish knight) and in the 'my characters section'. I've also gotten a new award for my doll of Rantea ^-^

Yay, my exams are finally over ^-^ I'll have more time to update now. I'm planning on making a new layout, since I've grown tired of this one, but it'll probably take a while. Added some dolls (a tiny Flemish soldier in the misc. section and a LotR couple doll of Faramir and ?owyn) and a drawing.

Long time no update again, but I'm busy with my exams which will last till next week, unfortunately. But after that: summer holiday and before that a trip to Paris with the students of the last year, yay ^-^ I've added some more dolls, under which one of Emppu, Galadriel and a contest entry which can be found in the characters section.

Wow, it's been a month since the last update. I'm terribly sorry about that, but I'm really busy with school. I haven't finished any new dolls, but I've got several WIP's. They'll be done soon. Emppu, the next victim of my Nightwish project, is on his way too. I've won several awards (the first time ever ^-^ it's not like I enter many contests) and added a new page for them under the dolls section.

Added new dolls in the fantasy and misc. section. I started a new project: doll Nightwish. I've already made one doll of Tuomas.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but school caught up with me. I added two historical dolls and one contest entry in the misc. section and another character doll.

I'm having some trouble with the 800x600 version, it works but the alignment is not quite right. I've added a new doll of Aelin in the characters section and another fantasy doll.

Added a doll to the fantasy section and an Eowyn doll to the LotR section. Still working on the links page and the 800x600 version, but they will be finished soon.

Finally my site is opened. A 800x600 version will be up soon. I'm still working on the links page, but all the rest is close to being finished.