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Terms of Use


- All my dolls are adoptable, except those in the gifts section (except for the people I've sent a gift), however if you adopt one of them: remember to always link back, with a clickable link on the same page as the doll.
- Don't edit my dolls without my permission. This includes taking small pieces from them or resizing them.
- If you want to use one of my dolls for something (excluding adopting), email me first.


- Always link back to my site (or DeviantArt account, though I prefer a link to my site). This link should be near the doll and clickable.
- All edits are allowed. This includes frankenbasing, but only if the other basemaker is okay with it and appropriate credit is given.
- Redistribution is allowed when my site and DeviantArt profile have completely disappeared into the murky depths of the internet and there are no known means of contacting me left.
- Do not sell dolls made on my bases for real money. Forum currency is okay, real money is not. DeviantArt points are the equivalent of real money, so selling dolls made on my bases for them isn't okay either.
- This is not a rule, but feel free to send me a link to any dolls made on my base. I'd love to see what others can create with them ^^

Other Resources

-Credit is not needed when using those (even though it'd be nice), but don't claim them as yours.

Thank you for reading my terms of use, if you have any questions, you can always contact me at webmaster[at]midnightmusings[dot]we[dot]bs. If you use anything on this site, it'd be nice to let me know, either by tagging me or sending me an email. This is however not needed at all, it's just I'd like to see your work too ;)

(Not so) Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your palettes? Why do you use colours the way you do?
You can read all about my use of colour in this blogpost.

What program do you use to doll?
I use MS Paint for all my dolls. For some of the older ones, I have sometimes used PSP X for transparent clothes. Now I try to do everything in MS Paint because I like trying new things and finding new ways to do something. That and because I'm too lazy to open up PSP for a simple thing like gradients or transparent clothes. PSP takes an awful lot of time to load, so I'd rather mess around in Paint. I have tried toolshading, but I suck at it, don't have enough control over my mouse to draw folds, so MS Paint it is.

How long have you been dolling?
I've been dolling since October-November 2005. Yeah, I'm such a newbie compared to other dollers <_< Scrap that, I'm starting to feel intermediate now ;) (not enough years yet in order to feel old yet)

I saw a palette I like on a doll of yours. Can I use it?
I'd rather have you send me a mail before you take the palette from the doll :) That way I can make a palette out of it and I can take out colours that are useless if you don't shade like I do. If you use colours from my dolls, it'd be nice if you credited me, though that's not needed. Do have the decency to admit that you didn't make them when people compliment you on them (or when they say the colours are crap, then you at least have someone else to blame XD)